Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christian fellowship and gay jokes

Things have gone very well in my new church in San Diego. A few weeks ago I had a serious talk with one of the pastors and told him all about my fight with same sex attraction and he was supportive and helpful. He understands that I will probably never have enough attraction to a woman to get married, and that is fine with him. In other words, turning from homosexuality means turning to God, not necessarily turning to heterosexuality.

The people in this church have done their best to befriend me and make me feel included. I need that and I thank God for that. Today that pastor invited me over to his house for Thanksgiving dinner with his family and many other friends from the church. I had to laugh because there definitely was a gay theme to some of the joking around before dinner. Two very straight guys sat down together in a very small love seat right in front of their wives. Yes, those are the guys in the photo above. They joked about each others’ bodies and wrestled around like little kids. At that point the church worship leader walked in wearing multicolored flip flops and a tight fitting T-shirt that called attention to his well developed chest. One of the guys on the love seat stopped wrestling, looked up at the worship leader and said,

“You’re looking bi-curious today.”

I laughed a little too loud and long at that, but we were all ok with each other. Several guys in that room know about my attraction to men, and we all knew I would not be offended but that I was laughing along with them. I love it when I have friends I am so comfortable with, that I can joke even about that subject.


Christopher Lake said...

My brother in Christ, I don't struggle with homosexual temptation, but I do rejoice that you are being welcomed in your new church family. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of Christian men who struggle with this temptation, decide to confide to someone in church about it, and then are shunned. I praise God joyfully that you are not now having that experience. Blessings to you!

MR said...



I am grateful to God for the friends He has given me. It is my hope that more people who struggle with homosexual temptations will also find the Christian fellowship that will help them in their battles.

Brandon said...

Good for you, MR. I'm glad you found a good church and friends there. :)

A. Friend said...

God has truly blessed you with a church family like this. Keep sharing this love as best you can with those of us who do not have it!

MR said...


Thanks. Yes, I do thank God for the understanding Christian friends He has given me. I will keep "sharing this love"! I want to help other Christians who do not have same sex attraction learn to be compassionate, too.