Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Friendship with my Brother – Part 4

A few years after college my brother "Brad" (not his real name) found out that not only was he infected with HIV, but also it was an extremely aggressive form that did not respond well to treatment. He was an assistant manager of a retail store and his doctor called him at work to tell him. Knowing he was dying soon, Brad closed the office door and cried for about one minute, until store employees kept banging on the door demanding his attention. He told himself, “I’ll think about that later” and calmly went back to work. Can you imagine his pain? The next year Brad was in and out of the hospital with one nasty infection after another. He was living in an apartment with a male prostitute who would even bring guys into the bedroom while I was there visiting Brad in the living room. There were condom wrappers on the floor. Not exactly a healthy Christian environment.

I invited Brad to move in with me, and he accepted. Many people from my church came to the house and helped him out when he was sick. After one near death experience in the hospital, Brad turned to God. God changed his heart so he turned away from his sin and believed. He told all his gay friends that he was a Christian now, and they promptly abandoned him. I remember sitting next to him, hugging him and asking him if he knew that I loved him now. He said yes! That meant a lot. I couldn’t help but see the change from his previous “unloving Christians” comment. I thanked God.

To be continued...


RikFleming said...


First, the account of your brother's life is amazing. I am sort of surprised that it wasn't mentioned before.

Second, if you have a new phone number since your move call me or e-mail me because I don't have it.


MR said...


Thanks! Yes, this story brings up emotions in me even now... BTW I have one more part to it which I will post soon. I always hesitated to tell the story for some reason. Partly, I was concerned that I would not communicate God's role in it well enough.

I will email my number to your blog address. It has been a long time since we talked.

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Dude, that's a truly moving story. Although Christians can be sinful at times, stories like this restore my faith in the body of Christ and how powerful godly live is, just like it says in John 13:34-35. Evangelism begins with Christians loving each other. I wish I were there to give you and Brad a hug.