Friday, November 30, 2007

Instantaneous Deliverance?

My friend Randy had a video clip on his blog where a man claimed that he was instantaneously set free from same-sex attraction (SSA). I thought you would appreciate it if I posted my response here, too:

God is sovereign. He can work the miracle of deliverance from homosexuality instantaneously if He wants to. I think that is exceptionally rare and certainly not my experience. I would still recommend to anyone who claims that miraculous experience to take the same path as anyone else fighting SSA. We all need to pray, know and apply scripture, and share in Christian fellowship with accountability.

If I personally knew that guy I would actively, regularly encourage him to continue to move forward in his walk with God. I would expect him to succeed, not fail. We should never have the attitude of sitting back waiting for the guy to fail so we can say, "see, I told you so!"

Emotional experience is definitely important in sanctification. I cannot persuade a drug addict to stop by mere logic. It takes a repeated display of sacrificial love and a vivid portrayal of the beauty and desirability of the alternative - God Himself! People need to both know and feel the beauty of the True God before they can drop their idols.

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