Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pictures around Seattle


Thanks to James Reggio for the photo above of Mt. Rainier, viewed from I-5 going south in Seattle. As you can see, this volcano dominates the view on a clear day even though it is more than 60 miles away.


Above is Mars Hill Church pastor Mark Driscoll preaching to the crowd gathered last month at Alki Beach to watch baptisms. Across Eliott Bay in the distance on the far right of the picture you can see the Space Needle, symbol of Seattle.

Mars Hill Baptism 2007

Here are some of the more than 200 people Mars Hill Church pastors baptized that day!


Learner Man said...

Hey MR,

Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. I really appreciate your taking the time to read my ramblings and to make a response.

Things are rather up and down at the moment but I'll get there i'm sure.

Your Pastor, Mark Driscoll is coming to speak at my churches men's conference in a few weeks time. I'm looking forward to hearing him and what he has to say about masculinity. It was at the same conference last year that God challenged me to open up to my friends and bring my sexuality issues into the open with them. So it is with some trepidation I'm going along this year - what might God say now? I joke slightly, though after the year I've had I'm not so sure I like the idea of more of the same.

Incidentally, I see you used to be part of a church called Covenant Life. That used to be the name of my own church but we changed it a few years ago. We were part of Covenant Ministries which is different I think from yourself.

Thanks again,

Jay said...

How cool! I especially like the shot of Mt. Ranier.

MR said...

Learner Man,

Mark Driscoll is a gifted, engaging, and persuasive speaker. He is also very forceful and direct to the point of being offensive to many people, or, “in your face” as we say. That is exactly what I need right now to prevent me from lapsing into a comfortable easy life that accomplishes nothing. Just be prepared, because people are either angry at him or they deeply respect him and are motivated to change. I don’t know anyone who is neutral on him. Mark has even had someone attack him with a knife while he was preaching!

Covenant Life Church where I came from is part of Sovereign Grace Ministries, definitely not the same as yours.


I am emotionally affected every time I see Mt. Ranier, to the point where I have to make it a point to look away while driving to prevent a crash! I think it has to do with the immensity of God’s creation and my smallness.