Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Church for the Last 22 Years

I have been a member of Covenant Life Church in Gaithers-burg, Maryland, for the past 22 years. There I have learned to love, give to, and serve God more consistently and joyfully. I have been connected with a network of friends that I will always thank God for. Also, I have learned to love the Bible as the Word of God and to value it far above my own experience.

Last Sunday I was working on the set-up crew, moving furniture in church classrooms to switch between their different uses during the week. I saw Bill Melrose serving in the children's ministry and I remembered meeting him about 15 years ago. He has consistently and diligently served as a volunteer for so many tasks behind the scenes at church. He has several children who have grown up serving along side him. I have seen him reach out to unpopular kids at church and seek to encourage them. He does what he does because he loves God and others, not because he wants power, position, or something for himself.

Our church is filled with people like Bill Melrose!

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